The Experience of Motherhood This theme will explore accounts of motherhood, the impact that motherhood has on ongoing social and family relationships, a sense of identity, work-life balance, physical and emotional experiences related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Accounts may be autoethnographic or ethnographic by nature, as well as inspired by empirical qualitative research exploring the experience of motherhood.

Technologies for Supporting Mothers Digital interactions and technologies might support mothers in a range of different ways and at different times of life. This theme will explore how technology can facilitate or subvert the role of motherhood. For example, we will focus on how technology can support expectant or new mothers or indeed those seeking fertility treatment, in managing biological, medical and / or emotional needs. It will also explore how the changing identity of the mother throughout life might be managed by women, as well as the practicalities of the additional organisational and domestic work which is typically carried out by those in the role of mother

The Role of the Mother The social role of motherhood, and the experience of being a mother are well discussed within a broad range of disciplines outside of HCI. This theme will explore accounts relating to the social and cultural role of mothering and motherhood from perspectives such as midwifery, social work, sociology, cultural studies and feminism. It will also critically engage with the role of technology and technocratic perspectives on the body on cultural and social understandings of the roles and values around motherhood.

Participating in and Evaluating Design Designing for motherhood brings new challenges for participatory and user-centred design methods as well as the evaluation of interventions and designs. Topics for discussion will include (but are not limited to) sensitive methods for engaging new mothers in participatory design that take account of the cognitive, emotional and physical limitations of the new role, as well as methods for overcoming the societal pressures of what being a mother means. This theme will also explore the development of new evaluation methods, and the adaptation of existing evaluation practices, that better account for the context of motherhood and mothering.

Everyday Practices Mothers increasingly use technology to support the day-to-day experience of mothering. This theme will describe how technologies and digital interactions are already embedded into the social role and lives of mothers. Topics here may include observations, ethnographies, questionnaires and interview studies which have explored the adoption of technology into the everyday lives of mothers and the impact that such technologies have had on the experience of motherhood.


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