Our CHI workshop

We had a great time with 22 of us all in one room to talk about our research relating to motherhood. We started the morning by each talking about an artefact (a poem, an object, a photo, anything really) that related to a personal experience of motherhood. This was a really wonderful way of getting to know one another as well as share some personal stories about our feelings around motherhood. Many talked about pictures on their phone, or the importance of their phone to their experiences of motherhood, while others talked about pieces of jewellery and even a dish cloth that support them in remembering something related to motherhood.

What was left of the morning was spent given short pecha kucha presentations about our research projects and future research directions. As we listened to these we collected interesting themes and questions on post-it notes to be organised into a landscape of motherhood in the afternoon.

After scrambling around central Paris trying to find a boulangerie – who would have thought this could be so difficult in central Paris – we got our craft on! Organising all of the tables into a long line in the centre of the room, we created a massive tablecloth with beige calico. Spreading the post it notes from the morning across the cloth we worked together to organise a series of themes that represented important aspects of motherhood and its relation to HCI. After this, with the help of an array of crafting materials (including wool, thread, fabric, pens, string and images of motherhood) we set about visualising key themes from our presentations and discussions on the tablecloth. You can see some of the resulting visualisations and craftwork in the photos below.

Wrapping up the day we decided on a number of routes forward:

1) We’d like to host a repository of citations related to motherhood and HCI on this site for others to use in developing the research agenda forward.

2) We’d like to write an article for CACM or Interactions that describes some of our discussions and provides some kind of landscape of the area.

3) We’d like to meet again at another workshop or similar event. This might be CHI 2014, but to shake things up a bit, it might be at GenderIT 2014 co-chaired by one of our attendees Jennifer Rode in 2014…. So watch this space!

Some pictures from our wonderful workshop

IMG_1016 IMG_1017 IMG_1018 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1024 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027AbiSewingInfinity alwaysOn BabyAsData BackTable1 BackTable2 beccyTable BreastFeeding chandrikaMommyFace childTech criticalGlare guilty healthGuiltEtc infiniteChange isolation longTable1 longTableView1 maryEllenBabyAsData MLandMaddie mumRealityUgh NegotiatingRoles objectsMomMementos ourMaterials ourMaterials2 pump SelinaSewingMask timeline workingTheTable2 workingTheTable3


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